EVENT - 2016 / SPAIN

We have expanded our celebration of SCI Day to several activities. I'd like to ellaborate so you have materials for this (wonderful) website! So I'll include the full text to update our part :) "From Madrid, Spain, the Spinal Cord Injured Foundation" (Fundación del Lesionado Medular) is organizing several activities to collaborate and raise awareness about spinal cord injury. - The Occupational Therapy department, along with the rest of FLM users and workers, have organized a FlashMob with a popular spanish song to try and cheer up life: forget about the sad stuff... just laugh and live again!. - The Physiotherapy department have programmed the PhysiOlympics: rehabilitation made competitive in order to increase awareness about the importance of rehabilitation for people with SCI. - The Rehabilitation deparment will hold a special Summer Kinect/Wii Tournament!. Thanks to our friends from The Ablegamers, we are able to offer this special edition of our most popular tournament. - Also, the SocioCultural Animation department will hold a special Summer Inclusive Darts tournament. After our triumph in the local general league, and the national league... let's compete just to prove the world SCI doesn't mean we cannot win! - The Occupational Workshops, specially the Radio Workshop, will program on their radio programming several contents regarding the importance of medical attention and testimonials about living successfully with SCI. - The Rehabilitation department will also create different posters for the different treatments offered in the area, to raise awareness between the general public and our own users about the importance of certain types of exercises to increase mobility and improve the general condition of people with SCI." Thank you very much for your support, and for taking this initiative. We find it really interesting and fully support your work.

Best regards,

Luis Jaén

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