Message of Dr Jean-Gabriel Prévinaire, ISCoS Prevention Committee Chair

Dr. Jean Previnaire

Dr Jean-Gabriel Prévinaire

Covid-19 and SCI: Staying healthy with the help of Telecommunication and Telehealth

"International Days" are celebrated to mark important aspects of human life and history. On the suggestion of its Prevention Committee, International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) has decided to observe 'Spinal Cord Injury Day' on 5th September every year with the intention of increasing awareness amongst the general public. It is presumed that the awareness would facilitate an inclusive life for persons with disability and ensure greater chances of success of prevention programs.

Since its inception on 5th September 2016, the 'Spinal Cord Injury Day' has been meeting an increasing success around the world, under different slogans: 'Yes We Can' in 2017, 'Stop Spinal Cord Injury' in 2018, 'Living life to the fullest' in 2019, and 'Covid-19 and SCI: Staying well' in 2020. When choosing the slogan last year, we thought we had seen the worst of the pandemic. Unfortunately, Covid-19 is still a major concern, affecting lives of millions of people around the world and posing challenges in providing health care.

In this context, Telecommunication and Telehealth have emerged as an effective way to facilitate optimal health service delivery while minimizing the hazard of direct person-to-person exposure to Covid-19. Additional benefits include reduced travel costs and risks associated with transport related accidents, more equitable access to health services and closer engagement with local health services and primary care providers. These communication technologies may be used for a range of services, such as preventive, diagnostic, educational, and/or therapeutic interventions.

Telecommunication and Telehealth technologies have much potential for patients with SCI living in rural and remote areas, particularly in developing countries. However, regional internet availability or the cost of mobile devices can still be a limiting factor. Such barriers should be overcome to foster optimal access to care for each person with SCI.

Events will be organized around the world, in as many countries as possible: please contact your medical centre or the local authority to know what is organized in your city.

ISCoS Prevention Committee
Dr Jean Gabriel Previnaire, Chair
Pr. Belgin Erhan, Dr Annie Rapidi, Mrs Koly Kamrunnaher, SCI Day subcommittee

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