EVENT - 2016 / CHINA

In order to improve the Chinese public awareness of the spinal cord injury, CARD-SOSCI warmly respond to ISCoS about the initiative of "spinal cord injury on the anniversary”, and make the following action plans.

  1. A press conference of the SCI day would be held by CARD-ISCOS at least 2 weeks before 5th September.
  2. The slogan along with the logo for the SCI Day would be pushed on the various electronic media associated with SCI.
  3. Announcement of SCI Day would be displayed on the websites associated with SCI.
  4. The Prevention Audiovisuals and radio jingles already prepared by the ISCOS Prevention Committee would be pushed on the media associated with SCI.
  5. CARD-ISCOS would be actively connected with all allied specialty societies, NGOs, foundations and associations and request them to collaborate for its success through participating in the activities.
  6. In China, the WeChat platform voting form would be used to select the SCI day propaganda ambassador.

In addition, CARD-ISCOS will hold the 28th national academic conference on SCI and the 11th Beijing international rehabilitation forum as opportunities to carry out activities as follows:

  1. Symposiums:
  2. Prevention of SCI
  3. Assistive Application Technology of SCI
  4. Sexuality and Fertility in SCI
  5. Vocational Rehabilitation in SCI
  6. Management in SCI
  7. Family Rehabilitation in SCI
  8. Limbs movement and Respiratory function reconstruction of SCI
  9. CARD-ISCOS would convert the above expert lectures into promotional materials such as teaching videos and share them.
  10. The promotional materials would be applied to the major institution, at all levels in primary and secondary schools, spinal cord injury prone populations, and carry out the following activities:
  11. Screening of Prevention AVs
  12. Prevention of popular science knowledge and skills training in SCI
  13. Poster competition on Prevention and first aid of SCI
  14. Lectures /Symposiums
  15. The above promotional materials will be sent by the mobile phone WeChat public platform.
  16. The promotional material for prevention will be sent by the radio.

Spinal Cord Injury Day Ambassador of China

Ms. Tang Zhanxin, born on Dec. 21st, 1978, studied for Master Degree of Financial Management in Germany from 2001 to 2004. In 2004, just one day before she was leaving for home, she got into a car accident and acquired T12 L1 complete SCI.
Since 2008, after she regained confidence and the ability of independent living, she began to work in an international company in Beijing. In 2014, she quitted her job and founded a NGO named Beijing SCI New Life Center with 3 other persons with SCI, which is a community-based rehabilitation platform dedicated to providing social rehabilitation for persons with SCI. As a woman on wheelchair, she has gained following major achievement:
1. She called on Beijing Disabled Persons Federation to allot hygiene products to Beijing residents with SCI, which is followed by other PDFs in China.
2. She created and promoted “Rehabilitation for Quality Life aimed for Persons with SCI”, which is the first peer training program that aims for helping persons with SCI to restore their lives in China.   
3. She advocated the whole society to pay close attention to persons with SCI and their relatives by speaking to mass media such as "People's Daily" and "CCTV", etc.
4. She maintained active contact with overseas spinal cord injury and related social organizations in efforts to promote development of SCI-related causes in China.
5. She was a “Beijing Model” laureate in 2016, a social award given out by the Beijing municipal Government to encouraging figures like Ms. Tang. .