Message from Dr Jean-Gabriel Previnaire, ISCoS Prevention Committee Chair

Since the first 'Spinal Cord Injury Day' on 5th September 2016, has been meeting an increasing success around the world, under different slogans: 'Yes We Can' in 2017, and 'Stop Spinal Cord Injury' in 2018. They were both aimed at highlighting the abilities of persons with spinal cord injury and the need for publicizing and practicing prevention strategies amongst general public and administrators.

This year, the focus will be on recreational activities, with the slogan 'Living Life to the Fullest'. Positive approaches to promoting health are important for people with spinal cord injury. This can be best achieved through physically and mentally stimulating recreational activities: from wheelchair basketball to photography, from gardening to graphic arts, from fishing to music. the choices of activities are limitless and could include family members and carers or require the use of assistive devices. Persons taking part in these recreational activities will be rewarded with better physical and mental health, improved social interaction, and increased sense of well being.

Three, two, one, . Go - Let's make it a great day!