Her name is Zhanxin Tang, who was born on Dec. 21st,1978, Female. From 2001 to 2004, She studied for Master degree of Financial Management in Germany. In 2004, just one day before her going home she suffered from SCI, T 12 l1 complete, because of car accident. Since 2008, after she regained confident and the ability of independent living, she began to work as marketing assistant. In 2014, she quit my previous work and founded NGO name Beijing SCI New Life Center with 3 persons with SCI, which is a community-based rehabilitation platform dedicated to provide social rehabilitation for persons with SCI. As a chair-lady, she has gained following major achievement:

  1. To promote Beijing Disabled Persons Federation to allot hygiene product to Beijinger with SCI ,which is expanded to the whole China now.
  2. To initiate and promote"Rehabilitation for Quality Life aimed for Persons with SCI",which is the first social rehabilitation model as peer training as core in China.
  3. To call on the whole society to pay close attention to persons with SCI and their relatives ,through "People's Daily" ,"CCTV" and other media etc.
  4. To actively contact overseas spinal cord injury and related social organizations in efforts to promote SCI development.
  5. To be awarded Beijing Model 2016.